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Double Het's are leopard geckos that possess two types of recessive "Heterozygous" genes, usually albino. For example, if you have a gecko that is Het for Bell Albino AND Tremper Albino, you will be able to breed him/her with a Bell Albino (or a gecko that is Het for Bell Albino) to produce more Bell Albinos, or breed him/her with a Tremper Albino (or gecko that is Het for Tremper Albino) to get more Tremper Albinos. These genes need to be paired to produce more of the same. For example, a gecko that is Het for RAPTOR (Consists of 2 recessive genes, Tremper Albino and Eclipse) would have genotype TtEe. There are 4 possible combinations of "alleles" that can be passed to the offspring - TE, Te, tE, and te. In this case only 25% (te) will result in a full RAPTOR when this normal gecko (Het for RAPTOR) is paired to a full RAPTOR. This is why there are percentages expressed on this website when describing geckos with Hets. The remaining baby geckos will be Normal/Wild Types carrying Hets for Tremper Albino, and/or Patternless, and/or Eclipse (solid eyes - red or black).

Simply breeding a gecko that is
Het or Visual for the same type of Albino will not produce more albinos until that gecko is paired with another gecko that is Het for the same type of albino (Rainwater, Tremper or Bell). Breeding a Bell Albino to a Tremper Albino won't produce either. It will produce Normals/Wild Types, some of which will be Het for both Bell and Tremper Albino, AKA a Double Het and some will be Het only for Bell Albino and some only Het for Tremper Albino. These Double Het "Wildcard" geckos can be useful if you're willing to "prove them out" through test breeding. This is how many of the most exciting new morphs are being created by many adventurous leopard gecko breeders willing to take chances and put in the work.

If Hets are Unknown, that means you have no idea what pairing will produce what morphs (The most common Het though, is Tremper Albino). These are true Wildcards and can be an exciting addition for the more adventurous hobby gecko breeders. Alternatively, if you don't have any intention of breeding geckos and just want a pet gecko, these are some of the most exotic and beautiful geckos to own.

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