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Of all the "exotic" pets available, the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) has to be the easiest and most rewarding. These friendly hand-sized lizards, with their naturally occuring smiles have worked their way into the pet trade (and the hearts of pet keepers) as a favorite since the 1970's.

Originally imported from the dry grassland regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Iran, these friendly little lizards have proved to be very easy to breed, and through a process of "selective pairing", leopard gecko breeders have created some of the most stunning colour and pattern choices around. These different patterned and coloured leopard geckos are called "morphs". Today there are hundreds of morphs available with more being created every year, with exciting names like Black Pearls, Blazing Blizzards, Sunglows, Emerines, Super Giants etc.

Wild leopard geckos have a great deal of variety in their appearance to begin with, but, largely, it is restricted to a muddy mustard yellow background with black spots on top. Through a process of "selective" breeding (choosing individuals with markings or colours that are desired by the breeder), those markings and colours get passed on to the next generation of geckos. - For example, by breeding those offspring that had a slightly brighter yellow and fewer spots, eventually, over years of hand selecting the offspring with the brightest yellows and the least spots, we now have leopard geckos available, that have no spots at all and are a stunning vibrant yellow.

We here at Electric Geckos are continuing this quest to create more beautiful and exciting looking geckos, while ensuring healthy and easily tamed leopard geckos to be kept as pets. We're striving to introduce new combinations of traits and patterns like Blood Emerine Super Giants and Super Giant High Yellows. But this isn't just about mixing and matching colours. There is a good deal of science behind it, ensuring that the genetic health of the animals is maintained and that the gentle and personable character of these lovely animals stays as well. We really love these little creatures, and some of them have such great little personalities and have become members of our family.

So please browse our list of available leopard geckos, in the menu above, and see some of the exciting new beauties we've created for you. We've decided to name our geckos with silly names, instead of catalog numbers, so that it's easier for you to remember which geckos you like. These are the names we call them, but we expect most of you to rename them once they're yours.

All the Best
The Electric Geckos Team

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How Easy Are They To Keep?

Leopard geckos are the easiest pet in the world to keep. Here's a little break down of what's involved. All you need is a ten gallon aquarium, with a screen top and an under tank heating pad. You can use paper towel as a "substrate" or "flooring" (Escavator Soil is also an excellent choice, but paper towel is easy to clean). Just put a little bowl of reptile vitamin powder in their tank, along with a shallow glass bowl of water and a similar empty glass bowl for meal worms. (You can buy 100 mealworms for about $4 and keep them in a container with some bran flakes and a carrot stick. Super easy!) That $4 container will last a single gecko a few weeks. The initial expense of buying an under-tank heating pad and a ten gallon aquarium with a screen top and a light is the only slightly expensive part. But once you have those, it's done.

These geckos will readily eat the vitamin powder when they need it and will choose the area of the tank that's the right temperature for them. Give them some hiding spots (I use paper towel rolls), and they're happy. They also love to climb, so if you can, put some driftwood and rocks in your tank and make sure they're stable so they don't knock them over and get hurt. These geckos are crepuscular, meaning they are most active in the evenings, but some I've kept, as pets, are active earlier on. They really do have distinct personalities you'll get to know.